Let’s talk random…

This morning started with the standard 5am wake up call and a trip to the gym for lower body weights and run session. My shoulders are actually feeling a tad sore from last night’s Body Balance class, which is a good thing. I really tried to focus on stretching deeply into the exercises during the class, so it is quite nice to feel that little post-workout reward. And, if the level of shakiness in my legs when going down the stairs after the gym this morning is anything to go by, I might just feel a tad sore in my legs tomorrow too! The ever-inspiring runner, aka Matt, tagged me to post 10 random things about me.  So, let’s talk random shall we?

  1. I am so very scared of birds. Don’t even get me started on magpie swooping season. I have been known to get Mr BBB to ride along beside me when I run during magpie swooping season as I figure he is a "bigger target" so to speak. Ever the loving wife I am……
  2. I was in the army for 2 years. Fresh out of high school I joined the army and had an absolute blast (excuse the pun). In the end, however, I decided that a life of moving cities / postings was not for me, and perhaps khaki was not my colour, and I went to university instead.
  3. I moved out of home, and to a new city, at age 17 (see no 2 above).  I miss my family terribly as they still live in Melbourne – and try to go see them as often as my bank balance allows.
  4. My dream job would be to own GF bakery / patisserie in the country somewhere. One day Lisa, one day…. 😉
  5. I feel most at peace when I am outdoors. I work in an office all day, so make the most of getting ‘outside’ when I can.
  6. I hate the cold, but live in one of Australia’s coldest cities. I still haven’t quite worked this one out?!
  7. I love reality tv – the trashier the better. Be it Masterchef, Big Brother, the Kardashians…you name it, I have probably spent too much time watching it!
  8. Mr BBB and I knocked down old house and are building a new house in its place! This is currently a work in progress, and the slab has just been poured. We hope it will be finished by Christmas, or should I say, "it better be finished by Christmas" seeing as I have invited the entire family over for Christmas lunch.
  9. I hate crunches / ab exercises. I do them, but I am hopeless at them (which is perhaps why I hate them?)
  10. I was adopted when I was 6 weeks old. I am lucky enough to have wonderfully supportive adoptive parents who were so very open and honest with me from such a young age. They encouraged me to ask questions, and to openly discuss the adoption with them. I have also met my birth mother and family – who are now a big part of my life.

So there you have it! 10 random things about BBB! I am sure there are hundreds more, but we will just have to save those for another day… And, in keeping with today’s theme, tonight’s dinner was also, well, random! I was keen to try this black bean spaghetti which I picked up a few weeks ago. IMG_8951           Next question….what to make with it? IMG_8955 I popped the spaghetti on the stove to boil, then opened the fridge, pulled out a bunch of ingredients and randomly started throwing them into a pan. IMG_8956 Starting with zucchinis, grated and sautéed in a little olive oil with garlic, onion and semi dried tomatoes. Oh and a sprinkle of chilli flakes. IMG_8957 When the mixture had softened, I added the cooked and drained pasta and allowed it to cool slightly. IMG_8960 Meanwhile, I mixed together some ricotta, a couple of eggs and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. Then poured it over the pasta mixture, stirring until well combined. IMG_8958 IMG_8962 And poured into a lightly greased tin, topping with another sprinkle of parmesan and a couple tablespoons of GF breadcrumbs. IMG_8964 Into the oven for 30 minutes. IMG_8965 My oh my. It may not be the prettiest thing you will see on this blog, but talk about tasty!  IMG_8967     The black bean pasta was so very wonderful, and in no way slimy like GF pasta can often be. Let’s just say I am super impressed, and will be going on missions to buy more of this pasta in the not too distant future! IMG_8969 Black Bean Spaghetti Pie

  • 1pkt black bean spaghetti, cooked as per packet directions and drained.
  • 1 tbs olive oil
  • 2 zucchinis, grated
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 100g semi dried tomatoes
  • 100g ricotta cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/4 cup parmesan cheese + 2 tbs for topping
  • 2tbs GF breadcrumbs
  1. Preheat oven to 200C.
  2. Heat oil in a frypan over a medium heat. Add zucchini, garlic, onion and semi dried tomatoes, and cook until softened. Remove from heat.
  3. Combine pasta and zucchini mix in a large bowl until thoroughly combined.
  4. In a separate bowl, combine ricotta, eggs and parmesan. Add to pasta and stir until well combined.
  5. Pour mixture into a lightly greased casserole dish or cake tin.
  6. Sprinkle with extra parmesan and breadcrumbs.
  7. Bake for 30 minutes, or until the top has browned slightly.

And in other random news…..check out the forecast for Saturday’s trail race:

  • Saturday Possible shower. Windy. Min 5 Max 14

Hmmm – here’s hoping the rain stays away, or it could end up a little muddy out there. Well, perhaps not as muddy as this race though…. Happy Baking 🙂

32 thoughts on “Let’s talk random…

  1. Love getting to know more about other bloggers. I could never live in a cold place. I despise cold. And I am a total reality TV fan.

  2. Ooh, I adore a good pasta dish 🙂 I enjoy reading random facts about other bloggers! I actually enjoy cold weather and I am stuck in the southern part of the US where it is ridiculously hot all the time. How did that happen? Anyway, I hope that you have a good day! xoxo

  3. I'm also terrified of birds! I have always been but had no reason to be until last summer, I was out for a walk (during what I was unaware was crow/raven nesting season) when I felt something sharp on my head, I look up to see a HUGE crow swooping down and me and making all sorts of crazy noises. It swooped at me 5 or 6 times and followed me a whole block, even across a street! I was terrified and called my boyfriend crying frantically, after he realized I was ok he couldn't help but laugh and I really can't blame him. Turns out I walked a little too close to a nest without knowing and made mama mad, my bad!

    Dinner looks YUMMY!

  4. Haha those are some random facts!

    That pasta reminds me of squid ink linguine, which I have always wanted to try. I just need to find somewhere where I can buy it or order it!

  5. I'm with you on the birds, they creep me out! BTW I sent you an email because you won a bag of gluten free flour and I need your address so I can send it to you 🙂 Can you email me back?

  6. I'm not a bird person, either. I'm PANICKED in people's houses if they let their birds fly free, and the crows and ravens of Hinterlandia drive me INSANE! I encountered some hummingbirds at the feeder yesterday and was OK, though, so many size matters? 😉 Also: that pasta would be SO AWESOME for a Hallowe'en-themed meal…

  7. absolutely loved this post! It was fun getting to know you. I am afraid of squirrels, like I freak out if I have to walk by or under a tree that they are in lol. Pathetic but true! Your pie looks fabulous!!


  8. I love this post! You're such an interesting lady 🙂 My housemate is deathly scared of birds too, and I just reconnected with an old friend who also did a few years in the army and made the exact same "had a blast (no pun intended)" comment 😛

    I feel you on the cold thing, though. I HATE it… why haven't we moved moved up north?!

    P.S. That spaghetti looks like a great vegan subsitute for squid ink pasta!

  9. Oh god, I feel your pain with the shaky legs. I'm back into my gym routine this week after a number of weeks out of it, and I am paying for my absence! So many stairs in my house too, ugh.

    I love birds, but had my first ever magpie swooping experience last week and so now am ever so slightly wary of them. There's nothing tasty on my head, Mr Magpie, and I'm not going to steal your babies, so leave me alone!

  10. Thank you for sharing your 10 random things. Especially #10. Very personal -I feel very fortunate to know that about you.
    So glad to know the black bean pasta is yummy! It's always good to have another option!

  11. I feel like I could have written a bunch of your random things. My ultimate goal is to own a bookstore/cafe, and I love trashy reality TV.
    The black bean pasta looks interesting, I'll have to give it a shot. I'm always up for a culinary adventure.

  12. Yet another yummy dish, I tried your corn chowder and it was really yummy!

    I have never heard of black bean spaghetti.Loved reading 10 things about you!

  13. Wow, what a great list – loved learning more about you! I am a huge fan of black beans – I'll have to see if that pasta is available around here.

  14. omg that dish looks fabulous!!!!

    its funny that u live in the coldest part of australia!! a lot of ppl here dont realize that it isnt all 'tropically hot' like they like to think. new zealand (auckland specifically) has a climate similar to ours in B.C. and thats definitely not HOT and SUNNY either lol <3

  15. Im going to try this , I live in the States and bought a huge box at COSTCO. Thanks for sharing this recipe !

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