By numbers

Today I woke up to sunny skies and even a little warmth (dare I say Spring is coming?…..). Perfect conditions for a morning run. IMG_8855 I decided to hit up some ‘trails’ in anticipation of next week’s 16km race – which is all off road. IMG_8857 As you know, I am not a fan of treadmills. To me, a treadmill is a run “by numbers”. Kilometres run, time elapsed, kilometres to go, time to go, incline……you get the drift. But as I discovered this morning, even an outdoor run can be “by numbers”. IMG_8856Around the mountain” trails intended to run: 1 IMG_8864 Times getting lost whilst running the trail: 2 IMG_8863 Summits intended to climb: 0 IMG_8879 Summits actually climbed: 1 IMG_8880 Gorgeous view to reward a geographical embarrassment: 1 IMG_8878 (For perspective of the climb, my car was parked near the white building at the centre-bottom of the photo….) Calves sore after tackling some crazy hills: 2 Kangaroos seen: 8 Gorgeous trails: too many to count IMG_8858IMG_8865IMG_8881  Kilometres run: around 10 While I may have gotten a little lost, resulting in an unintended climb to the summit, I had a wonderful time this morning. The trails, the bushland, the quiet –’twas  everything I love about outdoor running. My workout did not stop there though. After a quick shower and lunch, I headed to my sister in laws house to help her paint her house! Cornices painted: too many. Staples removed from the old flooring: 1000s ….  (and if only I was joking 😉 Needless to say I feel like I have had a complete body workout today! Not to mention being starving for dinner. I invited our fellow painters and home renovators over this evening – with the promise of burgers and rugby (the Wallabies were playing). Two types of burgers were made. Italian beef – with oregano and sundried tomatoes. IMG_8892 Chickpea and Vegetable – using Ashley’s wonderful recipe.IMG_8891 Salads were cut… IMG_8893 And a delightful burger evening was had! IMG_8899 Served with potato and sweet potato fries… IMG_8900 Must get back to the game… Go Wallabies! Happy Baking 🙂

21 thoughts on “By numbers

  1. I love trail runs. Best way to get back to nature and enjoy some fitness! Wish we saw kangaroos versus coyotes, haha. And I have to say GO ALL BLACKS, my husband is a kiwi, sorry.

  2. Outdoor runs are the best!! Did you really see kangaroos? To us Americans that's pretty cool. Haha I am saving that chickpea burger recipe! Yum!!

  3. i love the openess of this trail, right offside a road like that! wow the path is quite wide too which is awesome 🙂

    OOOooo beef and veggie burgers! one of both please 😉

    xoxo <3

  4. Running by numbers (treadmill) is about the only way I can convince myself to run. Just not my thing. Cycling is good, swimming fine but running? My knees hate it. What is my thing are those great looking burgers you had – yum!

  5. I love seeing my city like this on your blog 🙂 I haven't been up Mt Ainslie in far too long… If only my stupid toe would get better and I could go enjoy it properly!

  6. Numbers have their place–I'm with you on wanting to run outside, but I always like it better when I know how far I've run, where is the halfway, etc etc. Nice vertical… some part of me wants to ask what the elevation was, but I think we're trying *not* to look at numbers, right? 🙂

  7. Wow, I can't imagine seeing kangaroos on a run – how awesome. That looks like an intense climb but the view looks completely worth it.

  8. How about I trade you some hot weather for a cool down? 😉 Those trails looked absolutely gorgeous. I always seem to somehow manage to get lost on bike rides by myself, but somehow manage hehe Wow, kangaroos? very neat. Those burgers all look tasty, you deserve it after running and painting all day. I don't ever want to paint again 🙂

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