Pregnancy Update – Week 9

(Another entry from my ‘hidden’ pregnancy diary….) This week’s milestone was again celebrated abroad, as we continued our travels through the USA. From Texas, to San Francisco, it certainly has been one adventure after another! How far along? 9 weeks 4 days How big is baby? This week baby has grown to the length of a green olive. week9 How I’m feeling? I am still finding that I am hit with incredible tiredness mid afternoon, and have been taking short naps when I can. Perhaps due to this I have then been waking up quite early and finding it hard to fall back asleep. I am normally a really good sleeper (ie. can sleep for 8 hours anywhere without any problem) so these interruptions to my sleep patterns are quite unusual for me.   IMG_1664 Weight? No idea. How I’m changing? My body generally feels ‘softer’, particularly through my mid section, and my breasts continue to grow lol What I miss? Soft poached eggs for breakfast. Oh how I would love to indulge in such runny yolked goodness *sigh*.  IMG_1665 Symptoms? Again, aside from fatigue and fleeting moments of nausea, I have been relatively symptom free! Cravings? This week I had a very random craving for fried chicken (ie. KFC chicken). Seriously, I was sitting watching TV when a KFC add came on and I was literally salivating at the thought of crunchy deep fried chicken. I had to laugh, however, given that pre-pregnancy I could not stand the stuff and thought that fried chicken was disgusting! Obviously I haven’t indulged in this craving (due to the wheat content), but it is a funny craving to mention all the same. My milkshake craving on the other hand…. Food Aversions? None. And my waistline has noticed this fact 😉 IMG_1613 Highlights this week? Bike riding around the San Francisco Bay!

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