Pregnancy update – Week 7

(Another entry from my ‘hidden’ pregnancy diary…remember to ignore the incorrect date shown on the post) How far along? 7 weeks 4 days How big is baby? This week baby is about the size of a blueberry. Week7 How I’m feeling? Tired. So very tired. It seems pregnancy fatigue has hit me with a vengeance! I am barely making it through the day without a nap. So although we have been doing a lot of sightseeing, we are taking it fairly slow and I have been going to bed as early as I can each evening.   IMG_0943 (Excuse the ‘I just got out of the shower look?! I am starting to think that I should have put some more effort into getting ready for these photos lol)  Weight? No idea. How I’m changing? My lower belly appears to have grown a little, although I suspect that has more to do with no training and lots of yummy food, rather than anything pregnancy related. IMG_0944 What I miss? This week I really missed being able to have a glass of bubbles when our friends opened a bottle of Moet on our arrival. T’was sparkling grape juice for me instead 😉 Symptoms? I am not having any morning sickness, at all, although I am sometimes getting pangs of nausea in the afternoon which goes away once I have eaten something. Cravings? Carbs, carbs and carbs. Nachos, potatoes – whatever really! IMG_0937  This plate stood no chance when I had an intense desire for crunchy, cheesy nachos in Nashville! Food Aversions? None thus far. Highlights this week? Continuing our amazing USA adventures knowing this will be our last overseas trip before we become parents!

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  1. This is really cute and we appreciate it. I'm sure you'll appreciate it a lot in years to come when you look back! That will be fun.

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