Pregnancy Update – Week 5

(Another entry from my ‘hidden’ pregnancy diary …ignore the date of the post – it is incorrect) How far along?– 5 weeks 3 days How big is baby? This week our little one has grown from a poppy seed to an apple seed! week5 How I’m feeling? My anxiety has been the big issue that I am dealing with at the moment. My usual way of relieving stress is to hit the gym for a good hard workout, however given our previous losses I just don’t feel comfortable doing so. So, for now, I am trying to take as many walks as I can (and trying to go easy on myself mentally too!) IMG_0110 Weight? down 0.2kg How I’m changing?  I have noticed a definite ‘softening’ throughout my body which I attribute to the lack of exercise as well as the combination of fertility drugs and ongoing progesterone pessaries (twice daily ugh). This "softening" is obviously not helping my anxiety issues but, again, I am trying to make a conscious effort to go easy on myself. IMG_0112 What I miss? Exercise.  Symptoms? My boobs are still quite tender, and like last week, I continue to have a few twinges in my abdomen and some tiredness. But other than that – I am feeling really good at the moment. Cravings? Nothing really this week. Just a general increase in appetite. Food Aversions? None that I am aware of. Highlights this week? Continuing to get great HCG and progesterone numbers in my blood tests, so much so that I don’t need to have any more for a whole 7 days woot woot. I also met with my specialist this week who has recommended a dating scan at 7 weeks – when we will be in New York!

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