Pregnancy Update – Week 10

(Another entry from my ‘hidden’ pregnancy diary…) This week we said our farewells to the USA, returning home to the “real world”. I suspect today will be a long day back at work after having spent the last month travelling!! How far along? 10 weeks 4 days How big is baby? This week baby BBB has grown to the size of a …. prune?! Hmmm, not the prettiest size comparison that’s for sure! week10 How I’m feeling? This week I seemed to go from moments of disbelief that I am pregnant, to incredible excitement, with constant thoughts of how much I cant wait to share our exciting news with family and friends (in due course!. I did have one total emotional tantrum moment as I uncomfortably squirmed my way through the 14 hour flight back to Australia.  I am blaming pregnancy hormones, and the tiny economy middle seat 😉   IMG_2059  Weight? So on our return from holidays, I am up +2.8kg on the scale. A shock for me to see, but not all that surprising really given the lack of exercise and the "no lack" of food throughout our holiday. How I’m changing? My lower abdomen is starting to look very soft, no matter how much ‘sucking’ in I do. And I have already well and truly outgrown my regular bra, opting instead for one without an underwire. What I miss? I really missed regular sushi again this week, although vegetarian sushi rolls are still proving to be a nice compromise.   IMG_2060 Symptoms? Aside from bouts of fatigue, that seem to hit me mid afternoon, I am still feeling really good. I did have a couple of lingering headaches during the week, which no amount of water or fluids could fix, so I suspect that they might be pregnancy related? Cravings? Throughout the last week I have been craving vegemite on (GF) toast. Simple as that. So, I made it my ‘priority meal’ to have when we returned to Australia. It was the first thing I ate when we got home and I loved every mouthful. Food Aversions? None. A big contributing factor to my weight gain thus far I suspect lol! Highlights this week? This week was spent in Las Vegas, where the highlight for me was clearly the trip we took to the Grand Canyon. GC Standing atop the Canyon, staring out to the majestic cliffs, it was hard not to feel emotional and incredibly happy. Knowing that this will be our last overseas trip for quite some time (and our last overseas trip without children!) was certainly amazing and overwhelming, both at the same time.

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